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Welcome to Alleviate Admin!

My name is Michele Jackson, and I am the proud owner of Alleviate Admin.

Our aim is to Alleviate your Admin and free up your time to do what you originally set out to do, build your business and take it to the next level!  

With 20+ years of Executive support and administration experience behind us, we have a diverse range of skills to offer our clients. Our mission is to provide reliable and quality administrative support to help your business succeed.  

Whether it is providing executive support, creating an online presence, or handling the day to day tasks, we have the administrative skills to help grow your business!

Looking forward to working with you!


So, what is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?  

A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who provides professional administrative assistance remotely (usually at home) to clients.

Alleviate Admin

The advantages of using a VA.

  • You save on labour and operational costs!  VA’s are independent contractors, therefore no leave entitlements, superannuation, or employee related taxes to pay; and they supply their own equipment and office space!

  • You only pay for the hours worked and increased productivity! Working virtually means no distractions of an office environment, breaks or lunch hours. 

  • Your stress levels reduce! All work is completed on time and as an expert in their field, the VA can start on alleviating the admin as soon as possible!  


Is your business ready to take on extra admin support?

Are you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with your current workload? The to-do list is forever growing!

  • Frustrated that you can’t spend more time doing what you love in your business?  No work-life balance?

  • Needing help to move forward but not sure how or even whether you can afford it? 

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, it is time to look at getting extra admin support!